July 10, 2024

Marylyn Svetlik

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Accra’s Best Kept Secret: Greko At Korle Bu


Accra is a bustling city with plenty of great places to eat. You can even find some decent pizza here, but if you’re looking for some top-notch pasta and good Italian food, then head over to Greko At Korle Bu. The restaurant is located on the campus of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra and offers an intimate dining experience with an amazing menu that includes everything from seafood dishes to pastas that will make your mouth water just reading them! If you’ve ever been curious about what goes into making authentic Italian food (or have just always wanted to learn more), then you’ll find yourself right at home here at Greko At Korle Bu.

Greko At Korle Bu, Accra

Greko at Korle Bu is a great place to go for lunch or dinner. Located on the campus of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Greko offers an extensive menu with something for everyone. The food is fresh and delicious, and the prices are reasonable.

Hours: Monday – Friday 11am – 9pm; Saturday 12pm – 9pm; Sunday 12pm – 7pm

Greko at Korle Bu is an Italian restaurant that offers some of the best pasta and pizza in the city.

Greko at Korle Bu is an Italian restaurant that offers some of the best pasta and pizza in the city. The restaurant has an extensive menu, with options ranging from traditional favorites like lasagna, chicken parmigiana and spaghetti Bolognese to more unique dishes such as veal liver with mushrooms or shrimp risotto with lemon butter sauce.

The atmosphere at Greko is relaxed yet classy; you’ll find white tablecloths and soft music playing in the background–a great place to enjoy a meal while catching up on work or spending time with friends or family.

The owner is a former football player who played for Ghana’s national team.

Greko is a restaurant and bar that serves traditional Greek cuisine. It’s owned by a former football player who played for Ghana’s national team, so you can expect him to know what he’s doing when it comes to food!

The owner has been living in Accra since 1991, but before that he was born in Greece and lived there until he moved to the United States at age 11. He also attended college here in Ghana (at University of Cape Coast), which is where he met his wife–who happens to be an American citizen!

He opened Greko after retiring from professional soccer because he didn’t want anyone else making their own version of this delicious dish without putting their own spin on it; so if you want authentic Greek food made by someone who knows what they’re doing…then this place should definitely be on your list!

The restaurant has a beautiful decor and also serves alcohol.

Greko is a restaurant that serves traditional Greek food, with some modern twists. It has a beautiful decor and also serves alcohol, making it a great choice for date nights or special occasions.

The menu includes pasta, pizza and other dishes.

The menu includes pasta, pizza and other dishes.

Pasta is made with fresh ingredients to ensure it’s always delicious. The pizza is made with the same attention to detail so that you can enjoy a slice of heaven when you visit Greko at Korle Bu Hospital. Other dishes include seafood, chicken and beef options that will keep your taste buds wanting more!

If you are looking for a good place to eat in Accra, go to Greko At Korle Bu

Greko At Korle Bu is a good place to eat in Accra. It’s a restaurant located at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. The food is delicious and affordable, making it an ideal spot for students on a budget (like me). The atmosphere is great too–the tables are big enough that you can spread out your stuff without feeling like you’re sitting on top of each other and there are TVs playing sports games if you want them. They also serve alcohol so this will be especially useful during football season!


I really enjoyed my experience at Greko At Korle Bu. The food was great, the staff were friendly and the atmosphere was perfect for a night out with friends or family. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for something new in Accra!