July 12, 2024

Marylyn Svetlik

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The Culinary Tour of Europe: Recipes From European Countries


If there’s one thing Europeans know how to do well, it’s food. Whether you’re following in the footsteps of Julia Child or just looking for the next amazing meal, here are some classic dishes from five different European countries:

The Culinary Tour of Europe: Recipes From European Countries


Italy is well known for its pasta, sauces and cheeses. In fact the word “Pasta” comes from the Italian language! There are many different types of pasta including spaghetti, linguine, lasagna and ravioli.

Italian cuisine also has a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood dishes that are usually served with different kinds of sauces like garlic butter sauce or tomato sauce (Bolognese). Some popular Italian dishes include pizza which originated in Naples; it consists of flatbread covered with various toppings such as cheese or ham etc… Another very famous dish is pesto which is made from basil leaves mixed with pine nuts & Parmesan cheese then blended together until smooth before being used as an ingredient in another dish like pasta or on top of pizzas etc…


  • French cuisine is known for its rich sauces, quality ingredients and fine presentation.
  • France is famous for its wines, cheeses and breads.
  • French cuisine is a fusion of French, Germanic and Mediterranean dishes


Swiss cuisine is not very well known. It is based on local ingredients and simple, healthy cooking. Seasonal foods are important to Swiss cuisine, as the country has four seasons with very distinct temperatures and weather patterns. The different cultures that make up Switzerland have influenced their cooking styles over time; for example, Italian influence can be seen in some dishes such as fondue or rösti (potato pancakes).


German food is delicious, hearty and rich. It’s meaty, sauerkraut-y and potatoes-y. And it all goes well with beer–or so the stereotype goes. German cuisine has a reputation for being hearty and filling, but don’t be fooled: there are plenty of lighter dishes too!


  • Soup:

You can’t visit Hungary without trying the goulash soup. It’s a thick beef stew with vegetables and potatoes, served in a bread bowl that you can dip into the soup as you eat it.

  • Schnitzel:

Schnitzel is a popular dish in many European countries but it originated in Austria and Germany where it’s known as “Wiener Schnitzel” (Vienna cutlet). The meat is dipped into egg batter and then fried until golden brown on both sides. The most common type of schnitzel uses veal or chicken breast but pork loin cutlets also work well if you want something more unusual than just plain chicken breast!

  • Paprika: Paprika is actually made from red bell peppers which have been dried over an open fire before being ground into powder form; this gives them their characteristic bright orange coloration along with their spicy flavor profile too! If you’re ever cooking with paprika during your trip abroad then make sure not only do use fresh ingredients but also try adding some extra flavor by using different types such as sweet Hungarian paprika for instance…or even mixing several types together if possible?


Poland is a country in Central Europe with a rich history, delicious food and vibrant culture.

  • The Polish people have been cooking since the Middle Ages, when they started to eat rye bread and stewed meat dishes with sauerkraut (fermented cabbage). They also ate pickled vegetables made from cucumbers or beets; they still do today!
  • When you visit Poland today, you’ll find many similarities between Polish cuisine and Russian cuisine: both countries border Russia so they share similar ingredients like potatoes; sausages like kielbasa (kielbasa sausage); pierogi (dumplings); barszcz czerwony (red borscht soup); białe miasteczko (“white village”) sauce made of sour cream mixed with chicken broth and cooked vegetables; zrazy z kurczaka w sosie pomidorowym (“chicken wings in tomato sauce”)–this dish typically includes grilled chicken wings served over pasta with tomatoes as well as other ingredients such as onions or mushrooms depending on how it’s prepared by different chefs across Poland.”

Food from around Europe is amazing!

Food from around Europe is amazing! Italy is known for its pasta, France for its cheese and wine, Switzerland for its chocolate, Germany for its beer and Hungary for its goulash. Poland is known for pierogi–dumplings stuffed with potatoes or cabbage.


I hope you enjoyed this culinary tour of Europe. I know I did! The food is delicious and the recipes are easy to follow. You can make any one of these dishes for yourself, or try making all of them for an epic European feast.